How I Earn $1,000+ As a Writer in Just a Few Hours

4 steps for successful freelance writing

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Advertise on LinkedIn
  3. Know Your Price
  4. Always Looking for the Next Best Platform
  5. Quality Quantity Quickly
  6. Final Thoughts
  7. References


Now that working remotely has become commonplace, people are starting to look for more opportunities to learn how to make money from home, sometimes, in addition to their day job. There is a lot of freedom that comes from working on side projects where you are, for the most part, your own boss. Another benefit is, of course, making money remotely. I will be describing four steps I followed that have allowed me to make $1,000+ in just a few hours from writing online.

Advertise on LinkedIn

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If you are a current user on LinkedIn, you may have realized certain people on the platform getting hundreds, or even thousands of likes, with plenty of comments as well. Once you have posted quite frequently on LinkedIn and have increased your following, you will see much more activity on your posts. These posts can then lead to clients reaching out on the messaging feature to request your writing on their platform or product. It may start off slow, but consistency is key.

Here are some simple steps to follow on LinkedIn in order to increase your opportunity for advertising your writing:

  • post frequently, at least a few times per week
  • increase your following by producing quality posts that are relatable
  • react and comment back to your followers to enable trust and community

It is also important to note that a lot of what is true here, can be said about other social media platforms as well. I personally like to be more active on LinkedIn as the community can see my professional profile, with not only seeing my writing experience, but also experience in what I usually write about, which is data science.

Know Your Price

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Negotiating can be awkward, but once you realize your self-worth, you will be comfortable charging a certain amount per article or writing piece. You may have to start off quite cheap, as well as provide several writing examples, which can show off your experience. These samples can also be used for the client to know if you are a right fit for them and vice versa. I have made as little as $1 on an article and have seen requests for up to thousands. Once you have proved you can write an article or something similar, then you can charge as you see fit. It is also important to note that you may charge too much sometimes and that is okay. You will find your stride and be able to have a rate at which you find success.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you think about what you charge to clients:

  • writing experience level
  • style of writing
  • length of writing (sometimes usually pieces are 500 for a short post, 1,000 for a medium post, and 1,500+ for a long post — of course, the longer the number of words per article, the more you can charge)
  • technical experience in the industry you are writing about — not just writing experience
  • what you are willing to write the article for — yes, there will come a time where you charge $5 an article, but eventually, you will want to charge $1,000 per article for example, as you receive more and more offers and see the success of your articles for your clients
  • if you can measure the success of your articles, for example, if you get 100 clicks on your article versus 100,000 clicks
  • which leads me to the activity on your blogs, if you see a lot of positive feedback in the comments, you will know that you are writing successfully and can charge more
  • if you include charts or images you made or code if you are writing a programming or technical tutorial

Always Looking for the Next Best Platform

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There are countless platforms you can utilize as a writer. These are platforms that allow you to not only advertise yourself and work, but also where you can build a following, more specifically, a client following where recurring articles are requested.

It is important to keep in mind that some platforms take a cut of what you make in exchange for distributing your work to thousands of clients.

I often watch YouTube videos as well to see peoples’ experiences with different writing platforms. Some platforms have more success than others — it can depend on the industry that you are writing for, if it is more opinion-oriented or more technical-oriented. This site is also a great place to find trending platforms or newer platforms in general where you can establish your new clientele.

It can be worth it to charge more or less first on certain platforms as well because of the size of your following and the rating of your portfolio.

Here are some platforms where you can start working as a writer, as well as grow your current clientele:

Quality Quantity Quickly

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Setting time aside for writing is key. More specifically, setting up a routine where you learn the habit of writing an article quickly for a certain hour or hours of the day. For example, if you have a 9–5 job, you may want to allocate time for writing an article early in the morning before 9 am, or a few hours after work so that your brain has some time to refresh. Not only is the hour of day important, but so is the day of the week as well. It is up to you ultimately, and what works for you. Try a certain schedule and improve upon it to maximize your work. Sometimes working on an article every other day is easier or every few days as well, so that you do not overwhelm yourself with writing, as it can become quite mentally exhausting sometimes.

Here are some examples of how you can start to work frequently and quickly without sacrificing quality:

  • follow a routine
  • give yourself some mental breaks
  • I personally like to write most of my articles in one sitting, because I do not have to reread my article every time when it would be the next version, reducing transition time to work on the article itself
  • some people prefer a shorter burst of writing several times as well
  • have your articles peer-reviewed, sometimes hiring someone or someone who is already hired by your client to double-check the technicality or grammar of your writing can be extremely helpful
  • of course, the more you write, the better you get, so what used to take four hours might take you an hour in the future
  • ask for feedback on your writing or assess the reviews that you receive from platforms

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of ways to make money as a freelance writer. I have discussed some of the steps that I have personally taken to earn over $1,000+ in just a few hours. Hopefully, you can follow some of these steps yourself as well as enlighten others in the comment section down below.

To summarize, here are the main steps you can follow to earn money as a freelance writer online:

* Advertise on LinkedIn* Know Your Price* Always Looking for the Next Best Platform* Quality Quantity Quickly

Thank you for reading! Feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn if you have any questions as well. Also, feel free to comment down below on any of the steps you take in order to earn more money as a writer online. Is your industry data science like mine, or is it something like lifestyle or health?

I am not affiliated with any of the mentioned companies.


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